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Restaurant promotion flyers

Within the online ordering system, restaurant promotion flyers are designed with 2 purposes in mind: 

  • to stimulate the next purchase;
  • to facilitate dine-in orders.

This is how the restaurant can distribute them in order to achieve these purposes:

  • to be slipped in every takeaway bag or distributed in the restaurant's neighborhood; 
  • to be placed on every table to let the food clients know they can book a table and order ahead;
  • to be placed on every table to let the food clients know that they can order (dine-in).

The system helps with the flyer design, which can be easily attached to an email and sent to the restaurant's preferred printing house.

A restaurant promotion flyer can be created in Marketing Tools -> Flyers -> Your flyers section, like this:

In the case of Dine-in, once the service is enabled, the flyers can be created in the Publishing -> Dine-in QR Code section:

For more information on how the dine-in QR code flyer works and an example of a flyer with a Dine-in code, check out this article.

If the restaurant prefers to have its own flyer design, they should make sure the restaurant website is mentioned and a promo is included as an incentive for food clients to purchase online.

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