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Mobile Order Taking App - The Alert Call

Purpose & functionality of the mobile order taking app alert call

The alert call kicks in to notify the restaurant that an order is pending, but that they are not connected to get it.

The exact message can be played by accessing the admin panel -> Setup -> Taking orders -> Alert call.

The restaurant should connect the order-taking app back to get a view of and accept that order. This works in case the order-taking device for the respective restaurant has connectivity issues. The order comes through, but it cannot be pushed.

So, for each restaurant, the number configured for the alert call should be a number that belongs to the respective restaurant (it can be the number of the kitchen/restaurant manager). 

To avoid misunderstandings: the alert call is not an alert for "missed orders". If the order was already missed by the restaurant, then an alert call would be too late. The alert call that the system provides is to prevent orders from being missed, so the alert call rings BEFORE the order is missed, 70 seconds after the food client placed it, only if the order could not be pushed in the mobile order-taking app. 

In case the order could be pushed in the order-taking app and then the restaurant missed it, it means they are not willing to engage and there is no point in ringing them on the phone since ringing on the order-taking device did not make them accept the order anyway.

How to test the Alert call

1. Go to admin panel -> Setup -> Menu setup section.
2. Place a test order using the "Preview & Test ordering" button (Menu setup).

3. Switch off the Wi-Fi/data plan on the order-taking device.

Since the device will not have a connection with the system, then the order cannot be pushed, so after ~ 70 seconds, the alert call function should kick in.

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