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How to add the ordering widget to WordPress-built websites

In order to have the See Menu and Order button published on the restaurant's WordPress-built legacy website, the system provides a piece of HTML code. 

When this is added to the website, the "See MENU & Order" button will appear allowing WordPress ordering. This can be accessed from the admin panel under "Publishing" -> "Legacy website".

To generate the HTML code for the "See Menu & Order" button, go to the Setup-> Publishing-> Legacy website section within the web admin panel and click on "Yes", like this:

Check the content of the email and modify as needed, type the email address to which it should be sent (restaurant's website webmaster/developer), and click on "Preview and send" or "I'll do this myself":

Clicking on "I'll do this myself" leads to a screen from which the code can be copied and inserted into the restaurant website code:

Once this is performed, the code remains available at the green link, where restaurants can also find instructions on how to publish in WordPress-built websites. 

how to add online ordering to your website

Here is a more detailed guide on how to perform the installation of the "See Menu and Order" button in WordPress.

To see how the ordering widget looks and behaves on a website, please check the links below (pertaining to demo restaurants):

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