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How the online ordering system works - demo

The system allows restaurants to start receiving online orders directly from their food clients through their restaurant website, Facebook page, or a mobile app.

In less than 10 minutes, a restaurant account holder can go through all the steps of the setup process, publish the ordering widget on their website, and start taking orders. 

This is a video showing how online ordering works in a few basic steps:

Following this, making the restaurant a successful and popular business online and offline entails enabling some well-thought-out promotion settings that require no previous marketing knowledge, but that bring results in no time.

The restaurant's online ordering performance can also be easily tracked through reports either in the admin panel of the internet ordering system or received in an email.

Here is a 60-second video that shows how this works:

The restaurant can test the online ordering process for food clients as follows:

  • for a restaurant websitehere (also try it from a mobile device);
  • for a demo restaurant Facebook page - here;
  • for an Android app - here.

Please note that the online ordering system was not created for businesses such as grocery stores or other types of online shops. It was designed to specifically meet restaurant needs. 

For example, there are all types of messages referring to restaurant-specific business (such as "the restaurant accepted your order"; "please hold on..the restaurant is busy", “enjoy your meal!” etc) that could not fit other purposes so smoothly.

Moreover, the shopping experience is optimized for next-hour restaurant menu sales (e.g. real-time ordering confirmation, narrow range of just a few hundred items, with all sorts of toppings and add-ons that can be upsold per dish, no search function, just one level for categories, etc.). So a business owner cannot load in there thousands of items grouped by store department -> categories ->sub-categories etc.

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