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Connect a STAR printer to LAN

Within the system, the following Star Printers are supported:

  • STAR TSP143IIILAN Ethernet - Connection to the router via Ethernet cable
  • STAR TSP143IIIWLAN Wireless LAN - Connection to the router via WIFI
  • STAR TSP654II - Ethernet - Connection to the router via Ethernet cable

Generally, the Star printers come with DHCP IP enabled from the factory. This means that once the restaurant connects the printer to the local Wi-Fi router, the printer will automatically get an IP from the local network and they should be able to identify it in the order taking app. The order taking device must be within the same Wi-Fi network.

In the event that the printer does not take an automatic IP and you need to connect a STAR printer to LAN, the following links can be checked to see how the restaurant can set up the printer and connect it to the local Wi-Fi network.

Here is also a generic video for this.

Once the printer is connected to the router, the restaurant can try to identify and connect to the printer from the order taking app.

This section can be accessed directly from within the app: 



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