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Bluetooth restaurant printer recommendations

If the restaurant is looking for a supported Bluetooth restaurant printer, then they may check the following printer models:

Please note, however, that Bluetooth printers are not the best way to connect. 

  • Every time connection is lost, the restaurant needs to redo all the printing setup steps because their implementation of the Bluetooth protocol is very basic. They will not auto-reconnect like a pair of headphones once the Bluetooth connectivity is restored. 

  • Bluetooth printers may lose connectivity often - on each app restart, on any printer restart, when the distance from the order-taking device is further than 5 meters, etc. This will lead to frustration and support incidents. 

This is why LAN printers such as the Star TSP143IIILAN Ethernet which comes with DHCP enabled from the factory are recommended within the system, so the restaurant just plugs it in the router and it will get an IP automatically. Afterward, they can scan for the restaurant order printer in the order taking app and connect to it.

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