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How to Connect a Merchant Account for Online Payments for Restaurants

For online payments for restaurants, Stripe is the easiest to set up and the restaurant account gets approved within hours, so the example will focus on this gateway. Others are usually similar, but maybe a bit less intuitive.

Sign-up with Stripe

Go to www.stripe.com and click on “Start now”. 

stripe payment setup

Fill in the required data and click on “Create account”:

set up online payments for restaurants - stripe merchant account

After this, you will be prompted to this window, where you are asked to check your email and verify it.

After email verification you will be asked to add your business details:

Once the restaurant's account was approved

You go to Settings -> Developers -> API keys and copy the live keys for us. Make sure that you activated the account and that you turn off Test mode:

Then, the account holder should come back to the online ordering admin area and enable the online payments connector service.

Afterward, the restaurant can connect its merchant account with the online ordering service. 

The required fields are slightly different depending on the gateway the account holder chooses. 

This dialogue screen will appear after this paid option is enabled.

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