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Order fulfillment - relaunch missed or rejected orders

If a restaurant missed an order, it is best to call the food client back, apologize for the late answer and ask them if they are still on for the order fulfillment, despite the system notice. Advise the food client to click on the "Try again" button in order to place the order again (see below).

Please note that the food client can only try placing the order again within 20 minutes - not later.

customer order fulfillment 
In the case of rejected orders, the food client can edit the order before placing it again. Like this: 

perfect order fullfilment - don't miss any ordersIn the case of missed orders, the food clients can place them again but do not have the option of editing.order fulfillment - missed orders
When the food client orders again, their final cart data is already saved so they just click on menu items once more to choose.

Please note that the restaurant should pay attention to not fulfill missed or rejected orders paid online, as the payment was not captured. In this case, the food client should place a new order to capture the payment. 

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