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Dine-in via QR Code Restaurant Menu

A QR code restaurant menu for dine-in orders helps restaurants serve more people faster and optimize the customer experience. 

How to set it up?

A restaurant that wants to use the Dine-in mode should first enable it from the Services section -> Dine-in, check the Opening Hours they set up, check the payment methods, and then go to Publishing to generate the Dine-in QR code for contactless dining.

Here is a short video showing this:

These are the detailed steps:

1. The restaurant should first access "Services & opening hours" -> "Dine in" and click on Yes, then Next in order to enable the service.

2. The restaurant should check the "Services & opening hours" -> "Opening hours" section as the time set here is also the one available for Dine-in. 

3. The restaurant should check the payment methods they have set up in the "Payments, taxes & legal section" and enable/disable each method applicable to Dine in. Here is an example below:

4. The restaurant should then go to "Publishing"-> "Dine-in QR Code". They will be guided through the process of creating a flyer with a special QR code specific to their restaurant.

How food clients order at the table:

From the printed flyer the food client can scan the QR code to open the contactless menu directly.

digital menu for restaurants

The food client can use the default camera app (iOS, Samsung) for most phones or a dedicated QR scanning app, point at the QR code, and they will be taken to the ordering widget with dine-in preselected.

contactless dining

dine in via qr code restaurant menu

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