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Main restaurant sales channels - overview

There are 4 restaurant sales channels through which the restaurant can publish their menu and through which food clients can place orders from them. 

1. The restaurant's website

This is the most important channel for receiving online orders. The website generates the most orders out of all of the channels, so it’s vital to have a great sales-optimized website.

This means, among others, having the "See Menu and Order" button placed in a visible position (homepage and relevant webpages), having the contact info readily available, relevant online platforms linking to the website (ex: Yelp, Facebook), optimum quality and quantity of food pictures, etc.

This is how the restaurant can publish the ordering widget on a website.

2. The restaurant’s Facebook page

Having the Shop Now/Start Order button leading to the restaurant's menu expands the options for food clients to reach the restaurant and order from them. 

Moreover, Facebook is a popular social media channel that the restaurant can use to raise awareness of its menu and special deals.

Here is how the restaurant can publish the ordering widget on their Facebook page.

3. Shared mobile app/restaurant marketplace (FoodBooking)

This is an ordering app where restaurants are featured in a database of food clients looking for places to order from, based on their proximity to the restaurant. Any restaurant can apply to be added to the app, but there are some publishing criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to be accepted and listed, such as:

  • Having the order button published on the restaurant's website
  • Having the menu inserted into the platform
  • Having good internet connectivity (>90%) on the restaurant order taking app

Here are the steps the restaurant has to take to get published.

4. Branded mobile app 

The restaurant can also get a mobile app that is unique to them, giving the food clients a customized ordering experience. The app is optimized for ordering and it features the restaurant's logo, background, and slogan. 

Follow these instructions in order to gain access to a branded mobile app for the restaurant.

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