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Branded Restaurant Mobile App - Overview

In case the restaurant decides they need a restaurant mobile app, they can get their own app submitted to both the App Store (for iOS devices) and Google Play (for Android devices).

The white-label restaurant ordering app is personalized to reflect the brand, from logo to slogan and background image.

Branded app demo

For iOS, the branded app looks and behaves the same as the Android version.

Branded app for multi-location restaurants demo

Simple branded apps for multi-location (of the same brand) restaurants are also available.

For iOS, the multi-location branded app looks and behaves the same as the Android version.

What does the branded mobile app for restaurant ordering do?

Food clients can save the app on their phone to quickly order from their preferred restaurant. The checkout form is prefilled based on previous orders, while the delivery address can be selected from a list of previously saved addresses.

Any change that the restaurants make in the admin panel (menu items, prices, delivery area, etc.) are immediately reflected in the app as well.

How can food clients find out about and install the app?

Once the restaurant menu mobile app is published, there is also a recommendation mechanism that ensures people who have ordered at least once from their mobile phone, will get to find out that such an app is also available from the restaurant. 

This is the message they will see on their phone:

apps for restaurant owners: ordering app

In case the restaurant has the "Branded mobile app" published AND has the Sales Optimized Website enabled, the system then automatically adds a section to the website in order to promote the branded app. This section is added AFTER the app is available on Google Play and iTunes.

This is how the section will look like:

food delivery app for restaurants promo

How does the branded app request (submit) panel looks?

Once the restaurant purchases the branded app service, they will need first to fill out some information in admin -> Setup -> Publishing -> Branded mobile app. 

Then the restaurant has to choose the name for the app (as it will appear in App Store/Google Play Store).

Next, upload the image for the background & define a slogan. 

For the background image, the format required is JPG / JPEG, with the minimum size of 1536 x 2696 (or larger).

Then, come up with a description for the app (which will also appear in App Store/Google Play Store).

Finally, upload the logo.

The logo format required is EPS or AI or PSD or PNG (large format).

The branded restaurant mobile app resources (background, logo) can be changed later. However, every change needs to be re-built and re-submitted to the Google Play and App Store. This process takes a few days so our suggestion is to bundle several changes at once.

Does the system need any time to publish the app and so? 

Yes. The background image & logo for each app is processed manually. Once this step is done, the app is submitted to App Store/Google Play Store.

Approval/publishing an app for iOS may take from 2 to 5 days. In Google Play, it usually takes a couple of hours.

Will the app be available for download by search in App Store or Google Play?

Yes, after the apps are submitted and approved by App Store/Google Play Store, they will be available to clients for download.

Does the app get submitted to the system's publisher (developer) account? 

Yes, the app is submitted under the system's developer account on Android. On iOS, restaurants are required to create their own developer account which points to the system's developer account as the rightful uploading developer ID. This is because the system provides the listing to the App Store as a service and it also takes care of updates if necessary. 

The iOS version of the restaurant's branded app is built and published by the system, but it will be uploaded under the restaurant's Apple developer account which must be registered to the restaurant's legal entity.

As part of this process, the restaurant needs to enroll for a company developer account (USD99/year with Apple).

The system lists all these steps in admin before purchasing:

restaurant mobile app for ios and android

Furthermore, the system needs to have access to crash reports in order to continuously improve the app.

Where can the restaurant activate the branded app?

Admin -> Setup -> Publishing -> Branded mobile app. Click on “Yes” then “Next.”

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