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Self-made and pre-made promotions

When choosing what type of promotions to implement, a restaurant owner can work with the promotions defined in the Kick-starter or Autopilot selling campaigns (pre-made) as well as select more promotion templates to enable manually (self-made). 

The “Pre-made promos” section displays promotions set in other areas of the section - like Kick-starter and Autopilot Selling. With these promotions, the target audience and messages are pre-determined, based on the different stages the restaurant business is at. 

For example, the Kick-starter promotion is dedicated to newly created online businesses, and the target audience comprises previously offline buyers whose contacts are uploaded in the system by the restaurant owner. The promo message is sent once, to draw the food client to online ordering of that particular restaurant.

In the case of Autopilot Selling, the system uses the list of food clients acquired by the more experienced restaurant to send messages that encourage the second order, the purchase of items left in the cart for a longer time, or the reactivation of food clients who have ordered a long time in the past.

In the case of self-made promotions, an account holder can set all the parameters of a promotion:

  • their own target audience (ex: only returning food clients from selected delivery zones who pay by credit card)
  • their minimum order value (ex: orders larger than $30) 
  • the type of food items included in the promotion (ex: pizzas and pasta)
  • the name of the coupon codes (ex: 15OFF)

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