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Google restaurant listing

Having the restaurant website listed in Google Business leads to a better ranking in search results, more visitors on the website, and ultimately, more online sales.

The Google restaurant listing within the online ordering system works as follows:

  • the system creates the Google Business listing if the restaurant does not have one;
  • the system updates the restaurant's existing Google Business listing. In this case, the system requires access to the location from the current account admin.

This is where Google Business is located within the system:

Here is the Google restaurant listing process:

  1. create/get access to the listing - If the listing exists, the system asks the listing owner to provide access as Manager to the location (so it can be updated);
  2. the system uses the information from the admin panel of the restaurant to create/update the information in the listing - for example, business info (address, opening hours, services, cuisine etc), links to the website, ordering, reservations. 
  3. the system helps to verify the business:
    • Google sends the restaurant owner a PIN code (via postal code, email, or phone -- Google decides which methods are available)
    • Once the PIN is received, it needs to be inserted in the admin to complete the verification process. 

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