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How to configure a "half and half pizza" menu item

Learn how to create a half/half pizza option for the food clients in just a few easy steps by watching this video:

Please find below the step-by-step instructions as well:

  • Navigate to the menu editor inside the admin panel
  • On the right-hand side, under "Addon" groups, create a group called: "Toppings 1st half"
  • Then add your toppings like "corn", "extra mozzarella" etc.
  • Duplicate the add-ons group and rename it to "Toppings 2nd half"
  • Then you need to assign them to your item or group, this video shows how to assign addon groups to items: 

The screenshot below shows how a  "half and half pizza" menu item is displayed in the menu widget: 

Another way to achieve this is to have the first half of the pizza already "preset" and people only choose custom toppings for the second half - here is an example from our demo restaurant - https://www.pronto-ny.com/:

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