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Old Order Taking App: Recommended Devices & Connectivity Health

It is good to mention that the old order taking app will soon be retired. So even if restaurants are using it now, they should make sure to check out the new app provided to restaurants to accept orders and install it.

For a restaurant to take orders, they first need to have a dedicated tablet or smartphone on which to install the order taking app. The app should be open all the time during the restaurant's opening hours.

In order to install the app, go to Setup->Menu setup & receive orders->Receive orders and click on "Next". Choose the type of device, insert the phone number/email used on the tablet and start installing the app:

The minimum requirements for an order-taking tablet/smartphone are:

  • Ability to charge while being on

  • Good Wi-Fi signal (if the restaurant wants to connect through a Wi-Fi hotspot)

  • Loudspeaker

  • Android v 4.4 or later (with Google Play supported)

  • iOS 9 or later

  • Proper devices (dependable, solid, without broken charger sockets, displaced screen, etc).

  • At least 1GB of RAM memory, preferably 2GB of RAM

As a rule of thumb, any tablet with a retail price within the 100-200$ range would do the job, and for the specifications above, some great deals can be found.

This is an example of a medium-priced tablet to try.

Android devices should have Google Play installed, for example, a Kindle Fire would not be suitable.

Please note: Cheap Android tablets are generally optimized to save battery, which causes connectivity problems. It is very important to get top-of-the-line or at least medium-priced Android tablets (Samsung Galaxy S-line, Lenovo Yoga line, Huawei M line, Google Pixel C); otherwise get an iOS tablet even if it's 1,2 versions older, or an Android phone.

Restaurant order taking app connectivity health

The system checks every few minutes to see if it still has a connection with the phone/tablet where the restaurant has installed the order-taking app. 

Sometimes, the internet connection can be lost temporarily, for various reasons, regardless of the restaurant is on a data plan or on Wi-Fi. 

To prevent connectivity issues, the restaurant needs to make sure it has:

  • The order taking app installed on a dedicated device

  • Good Wi-Fi or mobile data signal

  • No battery saver app installed (for the restaurant order taking app for Android devices)

  • No task killer installed (also for Android devices)

  • Internet connection (test by accessing www.google.com from the personal device) 

  • Make sure the order-taking app runs in the foreground (the app does not work in background mode).

Remember that good connectivity health means that the order taking app is open and the food clients are able to place orders. Bad connectivity health means missed orders.

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