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How to migrate to the new order-taking app

The legacy order taking app will soon be retired. 

Although the app remains temporarily functional, there will be no app updates anymore and it will soon be removed from the app stores. When this happens, the restaurant will risk missing orders until they migrate to the new app.

Please read more here about the features list and descriptions of the new order-taking app, as well as OS and hardware minimum requirements. 

How to install the new order-taking app

Direct download links for the app:

or go to Menu setup & receive orders -> Receive orders-> Connect another device to send an email/SMS with the download link:

Use the restaurant account's email address and password to log in.

Supported OS versions

On iOS devices, we recommend iOS14+.

On Android devices, the order-taking device should have Android 8+ and this requires a minimum of 2GB RAM. The recommended amount is however 4GB.

The restaurants should also ensure the following:

  • The device can charge while having the app open during the opening hours
  • Good Wi-Fi signal (if they want to connect through a Wi-Fi hotspot)
  • The device has a loudspeaker
  • Use proper devices (dependable, solid, without broken charger sockets, displaced screen, etc).

Please note: Low cost Android tablets are generally optimized to save battery causing connectivity problems. It is recommended to get top-of-the-line or at least medium-priced Android tablets, or an iOS device. 

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