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Sales Optimized Website - Overview

The sales optimized website was built for one purpose only, to help the restaurant sell online. Design and search engine optimization (SEO) were conceived to serve this purpose first.

Within the system, the restaurant can instantly generate a mobile-friendly website that’s highly optimized for sales and search engines. If the restaurant does not have a domain name for its website, then a domain can be registered through this service.

Here is a demo of a sales optimized website that was built using this online sales website builder: https://www.pronto-ny.com/

Every single aspect of this sales website design was created to help restaurants convert more website visitors into buyers.

Benefits of the sales optimized website

  • Loads super fast

  • Works great on mobile

  • Ranks well in Google and other search engines (SEO-optimized website)

  • Provides an intuitive user experience

  • Ready within minutes with no extra-content insertion needed

  • Easily editable/expandable, when/if needed

  • Mobile responsive and mobile-optimized (feels like a native mobile app)

  • Highly optimized for online sales (designed with a sales-first layout, calls to action, conversion triggers, etc.)

  • Provides deeper branding (bearing the restaurant’s unique domain name right from originating source URL level for all widgets and emails)

  • Comes with SSL (already on, full end to end)

  • Provides best built-in localized SEO relevancy and traffic performance money can buy

How to test the Sales Optimized Website before enabling it

Go to admin -> Setup -> Publishing -> Sales optimized website. Select “Yes” and then “Next.”

Click on “View & edit website” to play around with text and images and see how a potential sales optimized website could look like.

By accessing the "Edit mode" in the top right corner, the account holder is able to customize various sections of the sales optimized website such as logo, general color combinations, sub-headlines, and fonts. 

They can also enable or disable sections in the website - image galleries, announcements, certificates, or social media icons.
A public preview of the site before enabling it is also possible by using the share button on the website editor zone.

How to make a restaurant website in a few simple clicks  

More details

1. If the restaurant already has its own hosting

The restaurant doesn't need separate hosting from someplace else. Having a super-fast responding website meant building it using the system's underlying hosting providers.

2. If the restaurant does not have its own domain, but needs/wants the sales optimized website 

The restaurant can choose and register the domain name through the website service (if the domain is available). 

This will be done after the service is enabled by selecting the “I don’t have a domain” option in the restaurant’s admin panel -> Publishing -> Sales optimized website section.

sales optimized website

3. If the restaurant already has its own domain name and wants to connect it to the sales optimized website

This will be done after the service is enabled by selecting the “Yes, I have registered one” option in the restaurant’s admin panel -> Publishing -> Sales optimized website section.

Then, the restaurant will need to provide the registered domain name and account credentials in order for the system to perform the necessary nameserver changes to connect the domain to the website.

Success factors for the sales optimized website

To ensure a good performance (=more sales) of the sales optimized website, make sure that:

  • a gallery of food items is included, to make the menu more enticing;
  • links to social media profiles of the restaurant are included;
  • links to review portals where the restaurant is featured are added;
  • awards or certificates are exhibited.

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