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How to Add the Facebook Start Order Button

Here is a video on how the restaurant can set up the Shop Now/Start Order button to enable Facebook ordering on their page.

These are the step-by-step instructions: 

  • Go to Admin panel -> Setup -> Publishing -> Facebook and click on "Next."

  • Click Next again in the subsequent window.

  • Click on the Copy symbol as shown below: 

  • Go to the restaurant’s Facebook page and click on "Add Button", like this:

facebook food ordering button

  • From the "Edit Page Button" section select either Start Order or Shop Now button, like this:

facebook ordering system

For a more authentic experience of ordering food, it is recommended to select the "Start Order" button. 

  • Type-in/Paste the link that was received from our system and then click "Save."

facebook online ordering
This is how the visitors of the restaurant's Facebook page will see the button on desktop:

facebook restaurant ordering

Please note that on desktop, the menu will open in a different tab.

This is how the visitors of the Facebook page will see the button on mobile:

facebook order button on mobile

Facebook (Sharing)

Use the link generated in the Facebook (Sharing) section when posting on the Facebook business page about the restaurant to help increase sales.

Clicking on the link food client will reach the restaurant menu and will be able to place the order quickly:

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